Why don’t you do installation work

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Common inquiry

Customers often ask me this and I explain that I specialize in small electrical and intruder/burglar alarms repairs and modifications plus I am not tooled up with regards to staff and time to rewire a property or upgrade a kitchen or fit some extra sockets.

The majority of my work is repairs and fault finding as this is due to my building maintenance experience. Plus a lot of installation electricians tend to shy away or ignore small jobs and repairs. That’s where my business model  fits in leaving me free to do 2-3 small jobs a day without being bogged down on a 3-5 day job.

I also do repairs modifications to rented properties for private landlords and letting agents so the nature of my business is to respond to  breakdowns with a quick response time. So for example I may have the keys to  replace some lights in a property but then get a call saying they have no lights or power and as I cover the local Edinburgh area I am flexible enough to prioritise my jobs.

The nature of the business is to do cost effective work for customers who want a small job doing but don’t want the expense of paying and staying in for a large company. Also I am not registered for VAT hence why I can deliver a competitive cost that fits in with the customers budget.