Edinburgh Communal stair lighting astro clocks

Communal stair lighting astro timer clocks

Getting a few enquiries about problems with communal stair lighting  astro timer clocks and questions on why they fail. Below is a rundown on the reason why and how they operate.

What are the main problems with astro clocks

old stair light astro clocks
old stair light astro clock
  1. Age:–The clock on the right looks like it should be in a museum . I have found around 50% of the current stair astro clocks are electro mechanical. They are between 40 to 70 years old. Also, there are first generation digital models fitted around 25-30 years ago. Both types are starting to fail.
  2. Why they fail:-– Well, because its down to wear and tear along with constant use over a long period. The first generation of digital models are failing because they can no longer retain their settings after a power failure. Also, it is usually after a power cut that highlights problems with the clocks.

How a Astro timer clock works

  1. Misunderstanding on how they work:–A lot of people think they are just a standard time clock.  This is not the case they are set up to track the sunset and sunrise times of the Edinburgh area. They also switch the lights to 50% operation at midnight as an energy saving mode that extends the life of the tubes.
  2. Digital replacement models:–There are 2 different types of stair lighting systems. So the Astro clocks have to be programmed to comply with CEC stair lighting specification that includes energy saving modes.
  3. How do I know my clock is not working:– If you go to the BBC weather site and type in Edinburgh as a location you will see the sunset and sunrise times. This should give you a rough idea if the clock is working ok
  4. Why can’t I fix this problem myself ? :– This is not a good or practical idea as there are safety implications to think of with regards to electrical work.
  5. What if I think my clock is not working :— I would have to complete a survey of the stair. This is free of charge where you get a condition report on your system with costs  and options. 
  6. Handymen and Stair cleaning firms offering these services:-         I have had to fix  a couple of  Astro clocks and lights after the local handymen and stair cleaning firm had looked at them.  Leaving the customer with 2 bills. The apparent logic is anyone can change a bulb and there is not a lot of the workings of a timeclock.  In addition the customer should confirm these guys are  insured and competent for this task. The thing is an Astro clock is not the same as the standard timeclock.

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